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Jenny Does Weddings Team

Jenny Does Weddings Team I wanted to be a Wedding Planner. During college I tried to find a major I could make a career. Environmental Science, was the first try. Chemistry was not my friend, so I was left again to figure out what I wanted to do in school, and in life.


I thought about my interests. 

I thought about my talents. 

I thought about my dreams. 


Which lead me to event planning, and more specifically wedding planning.


While my internships and degree in Sociology have lead me to be a Digital Marketer, my passion has remained weddings and events.

I am now deeply involved in the planning of my own wedding to my own handsome prince. Presenting the perfect opportunity for me to dive into each part of the process, document it, and share what I find works & doesn't work.

Parts of this blog may detail parts of my wedding, inspiration I've found from your weddings, and I hope this can be our journey together in wedding planning and styling.