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Our at Home Engagement Session

When you somehow manage to land the perfect guy and the perfect home all in the course of a year, you give yourself a major high five and revel in the moment. Seriously, I cannot imagine another time in my life when I will be experiencing so many wonderful changes all at once. Being able to have our love and latest adventure documented one Saturday morning by Lauren of Lauren Louise Photography was just icing on our scrumptious cake of a year.

It is important to take moments like these to step back from the daily grind, the managing of mortgage insurance, vendor negotiations, Pinterest searching, and random new home buyer issues you never saw coming, to really appreciate the person next to you navigating all of this for the first time too.

engagement session

At any moment the wedding you've been planning every detail of could become an elopement and the house you've spent sleepless nights waiting to close on could have one too many termites. As exciting as planning a wedding and buying a house can be, we never once allowed these moments to define our relationship.

We are a team and a damn good one. 

It is crazy to say it, but we are now happily married, back from our Italian honeymoon, and ready to take on the next crazy change that has recently landed in our laps. And heavens no it is not a baby.

Promising a lifetime with someone who brings excitement to your life, fills it up with endless amounts of love, and helps you realize you can accomplish anything - isn't that what it is all about? For me, it definitely is.


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