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While searching for my own wedding invitations and stationery suite, I came across the original work of Jolly Edition. I instantly began following them on Instagram and Facebook, allowing me to view their latest work during any part of my day. I recently had the opportunity to ask one of the founders, Laura, a few questions about their work and the joy they get in return from their clients and the illustrators they chose to bring onto their growing team. Jolly Edition

When was Jolly Edition formed, and how has it grown since?

We formed Jolly Edition in January of 2012. Tom had another job but we found time to brainstorm together and form this kernel of an idea whilst we were still in the UK. I worked on building up Jolly Edition for the next six months, then Tom quit his job so we could work together on Jolly Edition, that’s when things got a lot easier to manage!

We recently decided to expand our tiny business to include several other illustrators, all with their own personality and skills. It's always been our long term plan to incorporate more people in our work and there is so much talent out there, we’re now proud to represent some of the most talented people we know. Not only that, but we've given Tom a chance to branch out some more by introducing Rachel as our Sales and Project Manager. We believe couples will see themselves in the personality that our illustrators offer and hopefully include us to be part of their big day.

Emma Block

How do you go about selecting the illustrators you decide to welcome to the Jolly Edition team?

We've found our illustrators a few different ways. We've known a handful of our illustrators either in person, through Twitter or Etsy and we decided to reach out to a select few and we're happy to say every one we contacted said yes. One of the ways we've found the illustrators who we weren't acquainted with before the change was the MICA job network. As a MICA alum I was very aware that there's such a wealth of talented MICA graduates and we really wanted to tap into that resource. Not only are MICA grads super talented, they're also extremely sweet, so it’s win–win!

You work on a lot of custom projects that include everything from bride and groom portraits to maps of unique destinations. What has been your favorite project so far?

Wow, we've had quite a few great projects that we think back on. It's the couples who make the projects what they become. We love enthusiastic, imaginative brides who embrace the idea of illustrating personality for their big day. We really appreciate the projects where we can keep in touch with the couple afterwards, even if we don't work together again, it's the sentiment that makes us feel good. We could name a dozen, but one favorite is Nicola and David, we got to be imaginative and have fun, they were so pleasant to work with and we get to say hello to their newborn boy, they’ve kept in touch and continuously supported our business.

Jolly Edition

We live in a world full of special effects and mass-produced digital art, how do you find a balance between a client’s needs and maintaining the integrity of your art form?

I'd love to reference John Lennon to answer that “Give me a tuba and I'll create something worth listening.” The product is the clients' and all we can do is make the best recipe with the ingredients we're given, that’s the great thing about what we offer, you get out what you put in. We consider ourselves more designers than artists for that reason, I had a few years being an artist and it didn't suit me, designing is much more fun.

Jolly Edition

What is the most rewarding part of the work you have created through Jolly Edition?

The most rewarding part of Jolly Edition work is finding those special clients who root for us as much as we root for them. We pour a lot of ourselves into creating stationery from scratch based on the clients (who are complete strangers at first) and it feels good when it feels like they're supporting us too, they know who they are and we love them for it.


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