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Our One Year Anniversary Surprise

There are certain moments that hit you as big moments. Moments you didn't see coming from a mile way. Moments that leave you crying hysterically in a mini van because you are surrounded by so much love. That was the kind of moment Glen and I had last night. When you get married in a completely different state, it is hard to feel like you can fully celebrate your one year anniversary. You can't head to the local restaurant that catered your wedding, or hit the brewery you visited with all of your friends the night before the big day, or stay in the same hotel suite- without booking a flight. After our busy event season we are headed back to Portsmouth to do just that and explore New England, but until then we were stuck in Lake Worth. 

I don't know how I got so lucky, but this year has been the best yet. I married my amazing husband, I found a creative community down the street from our home, and made some pretty amazing friends who just happen to be fellow creatives, and sometimes when we're really lucky, our clients. 

Last night, we were able to celebrate my favorite day in a way that wouldn't have been possible without our crazy creative and talented friends pulling together last minute to create an evening that left me crying harder than our wedding day and engagement day combined. 


A HUGE thank you to Desiree, Eric, Laura, Eric, Becky, and Chris (and Melissa for lending your talented husband for the evening). You are all so wonderful and we are so lucky to have you as a part of our lives. Thank you for giving us a Florida memory on our one year anniversary. It means the world to us. 


Photography | Comcap Photography

Planning | Desiree Dawn Events

Music | Chris Michaud

Venue | Social House

Paper Tree | Hayley Sheldon

Plates and Glassware | Port + Palm Co.