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A Perfect Weekend | The Bachelorette Party

What makes for a perfect bachelorette party?

1. An incredible MOH (maid of honor)

2. All of your best friends in one place

3. The perfect crash pad

4. A day of pure relaxation

5. Followed by a night of dancing until you fall to the ground. literally.

6. Champagne, lots and lots of champagne.

7. A killer playlist

8. A grown up tutu

9. The perfect decorations

10. An air popcorn maker

It all goes by so fast.

One minute you're newly engaged sitting in bed with your best friend eating cinnamon rolls trying to decide if everyone wants to go on a cruise or bar hop in Key West, the next minute your best friend is moving into the mountains and across time zones, when suddenly you're walking up to a house filled with your bridal party and you're at the brink of tears.

I walked into a perfectly decorated 3 bedroom house on the edge of West Palm and moments away from the local downtown areas. Paper sashes were streamed across the windows and mirrors, a mimosa bar with the demand "Cheers Bitches" hung by the dining room table, tiny little bites of food filled the kitchen, and the most perfect Disney princess cut outs were patiently awaiting a photo booth session. I wanted to move all of my stuff in and never leave.

It was a Friday night and we were staying in. Yep.

maid of honor

We drank homemade sangria, danced in the kitchen, played Cards Against Humanity, attempted to get a tattoo artist to come to the house (they wouldn't), and decided that websites selling male stripper services were the worst.

After 5 bottles of wine and champagne we hopped in bed, resting for the next day of adventures in Bachelorette party land.

Following cuban coffee and a massive breakfast we headed to the Eau Spa

for a day of pedicures, more champagne, steam showers, and bathrobes. The Eau Spa's facilities will leave your slightly awe struck. You can create your own body scrub, sway in suspended chairs, have a cupcake and a nap, detox in a sauna, steam room, or steam shower and enjoy everything from a manicure to a mud bath for two. We arrived at 11am and begrudgingly left at 3:30pm. We could have easily spent another two hours in our bathrobes playing at the spa.

After the spa it was time to prep for a night out on the town!

My maid of honor had made reservations at my favorite restaurant on Clematis, Hullaballoo, where we ate zucchini chips and drank craft cocktails under cafe lights. We then floated from Clematis street to City Place doing pickle backs (shot of Jameson and a shot of pickle juice) and accidentally danced right into people's elbows - oops! We listened to live music, took pictures with random trucks, considered popping into a psychic, and called an Uber ride a little after midnight. It may sound like an ordinary Saturday night out, but to me it was a once-in-a-life-time kind of night.

So how do you plan the perfect bachelorette weekend?

You get lucky enough to have a maid of honor who accepts the fact that the next year of your friendship will revolve around a wedding and all the parties leading up to it. You get lucky enough to have a bridal party that will travel from New York, Washington D.C., and Memphis to come and celebrate with you. You get lucky enough to have a group of incredibly creative girls who make sure every detail is perfect.

Because at the end of the day, it is not about how big your bar tab was, how luxurious the spa was, or where you slept at night. What matters is that you are with the people, your best friends, your sisters - the girls you want standing next to you during the biggest day of your life because they stood next to you during all of the little days.

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