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Thankful. | Random Thoughts

This morning I am sitting in bed staring out my window overlooking the Savannah River with my fiancé lying by my feet watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and I am feeling incredibly


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We may be exploring a new city while our families are miles away in Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Miami, the Keys, and Virginia during a holiday that is completely focused on eating large meals with your family. But I am so thankful that our families never once made us feel guilty for wanting to travel alone together during the extra long weekend.

I am thankful for all of our families.

I am thankful that our furbaby Stella is seeing her Uncle Chris while we are away.

...to explore a new city with a man who is already my family, regardless of a marriage certificate.

I am thankful to have a reason to pull out my peacoat.

...for cities full of history and kind people.

I am thankful for this new business.

...for the support I have received from Glen, my friends, family, and complete strangers.

I am thankful for spontaneous trips and booking extra nights.

I am thankful for everything this year has offered and I cannot wait to ring in the next one in a few short weeks.