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The White Apron Tasting | Wedding Planning

Food excites me.  Most days it’s the best part of my day. Friday night comes and all I want is a good muddled cocktail and a meal that leaves me wondering how the chef created such a delicious bite. So naturally, one of the first things I thought about when my own wedding planning started was the food and the wedding caterer.

My mom and stepdad know this about me and set up a wedding caterer tasting with The White Apron during our wedding planning weekend trip. It is in the running for “The Best Moment of My Life” award.

The White Apron Tasting

Upon arrival we were set up in their kitchen and served a charcuterie plate complete with fruit, meats, and a variety of cheeses, one being a goat cheese with a red wine rind that made me want to kiss the goat.  The prosecco was poured, a toast was made, and the courses began.


We were then served plates featuring empanadas, incredible pickled vegetables, a gorgeous scallop with fiddlehead ferns, tender beef tenderloin, ravioli in a light puree made with arugula, and each was accompanied by my personal Saturday afternoon favorite – wine.

The White Apron Tasting

Then came a creamy chocolate dessert that was the texture of pudding, but one thousand times better, and tasted like the most decedent hot chocolate. For some unknown reason my mom then made a comment about cookies and before you know it, Chef Ben quickly whipped around and cookies were in the oven.

The White Apron Dessert

As food was served, the owner, Jay, asked us questions about the food we would like to see served at our reception. He understood our vision – fresh, local, seafood based, and the ability for our guests to easily mingle and eat a variety of tasty bites.

The White Apron Tasting

We left with full bellies, a wine daze, and feeling as though the food on our wedding day would be one of our favorite parts.