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Why Being a Fiancé is the Best

Here's the deal. Being a wife is WEIRD. Yes, it is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to you and you have been dreaming about it your whole life. Yes, you get to look at your favorite person in the whole world smile, and say "husband" or "wife". Yes, you now get a sweet discount on your auto insurance. But just as you were getting used to wearing that "fiancé" title, and rather enjoying the fancy French ring it has, you get to switch gears over to wife-ville. Gone are the parties intended to celebrate your engaged state, the conversations about your wedding day, the questions about that perfect proposal and the endless hymns of congratulations. Now the hard hitting questions like, "when are you changing your last name?" bubble to the surface. Not quite as fun. So what are the best parts about being a fiancé? Well let me tell you. 

The Girl Time

I had one of the best weekends of my life all thanks to the fact that I was engaged: my bachelorette weekend. Now that all of my friends are grown ups and living adventurous lives in different states we hardly ever get the chance to spend two straight days together. Having my favorite girlfriends all in one place is a priceless experience I will reminisce about for my entire life. 

The Parties

Aside from the Bachelorette party, being able to celebrate my next adventure in life with lifelong friends, family friends who have seen me do ridiculous things since age 7, family members you've known your whole life, and new family members you get to share life's new moments with, is priceless. 

The Bling 

I love my engagement ring and I loved showing it to other people and telling them the story behind it. For some reason once you get married nobody asks to see your wedding band - which by the way has an amazing story and I love equally as much. Ask about the wedding band people!  

The Wedding

Can we talk about the wedding? Hands down best day of my life. Better than the day I met Glen, better than all of my birthday parties combined, better than the day he proposed, or the day I graduated college and never had to step foot in another class with a term paper. As a fiancé this is the day you are planning, dreaming about, talking about, looking forward to, and it is the absolute best part about being a fiancé. 

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