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We believe an event should be more than a theme or a color scheme- it should be a reflection of something that is uniquely you. Creating custom events that incorporate unique details, local artists, a nod to the past, and a modern influence is what we love most. We work with you to find your own event style, pull together a talented team, and watch as the magic unfolds.  

Each design plan and arrangement is rooted in nature's own seasons and possess a freshly gathered, organic garden style. 

Photography courtesy of Kir Tuben Photography

Photography courtesy of Kir Tuben Photography

From bouquets to centerpieces and larger installations, we work with our clients to create floral design details perfectly suited for their event and personal style. We allow each flower to tell its own story, working with a variety of textures and color palettes to create a floral story completely  unique to your day. 

When working with us you can expect a few random sentences to be sung, giggles will definitely be had - sometimes even over-excited laughs that turn into snorts, hugs, so many hugs, and tears. I know that every couple has a story to tell and their wedding day should wrap them up in a combination of a warm hug and a roller coaster. I believe that simplicity is beautiful and over the top blooms are nature's way of sending love notes. But above everything, we believe in celebrating love. 

Our Team

Jenny, Lead Designer

Glen, Account Manager