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The Copper Arch | Floral Design

Photo by Lauren Louise Photography

We have some exciting things happening over here. One, we're finally getting around to blogging a few of our favorite moments from this past year - such as this copper arch and all the fun outings it has made this year. We've also had some time to reflect on where we want this crazy/wonderful/always-changing business of ours to go, and we are back from vacation prepping for that wedding season peeking its head out from around the corner.    

Photo by Ian Joseph Jones/Floral Design by Flower and Fringe

As some of you may know, Karina and Seth were the ENTIRE reason this gorgeous structure was built in the first place. They were also the first couple I was lucky enough to see celebrate their marriage at my favorite spot: Social House (we have two more weddings at the House coming up! Eek!). 

Photo by Coco Prop Shop/Installation by Hayley Sheldon 

The next outing wasn't a real wedding, but instead Wedding Meet hosted at Social House and featuring three rooms full of local wedding vendors and their gorgeous work. For this event, our copper arch was dressed up by the talented Hayley Sheldon with her handmade gold bamboo installation.

We love that the arch provides such a blank slate and allows other creatives and couples to play. This February one of our couples has collaborated with Hayley to design strands of paper petals to hang from the arch and act as an escort display at the Boca Resort. Can you say dreamy? 

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