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Onli Beverages Launches The Onli Life | Editorial


When I met Lauren of Onli Beverages it took a lot of guts. I was at my first blog conference in Orlando and was standing in line waiting for lunch when I saw the display Onli Beverages had set up. A table was filled to the brim with bright and inspiring colors, a large hibiscus was splashed across canvas totes, and their branding made the creative marketing girl in me squeal a little. I looked at Glen and said, "I really want to give her my card," to which he responded, "so do it!"

I mustered up the courage and before I knew it Lauren and I had a coffee date, a dinner date, a photo shoot date, and a celebratory dinner date.

When Lauren told me that Onli was planning to launch a blog in March Lauren Louise Photography and I jumped at the opportunity to put together an editorial shoot for their latest adventure in marketing and branding. With Halle of Flower and Fringe on board, we exchanged vintage vessels, popped into Kismet to source a few wardrobe pieces, grabbed 20 macarons, set the studio, played dress up, and got ready for a day of Palm Beach midcentury retro goodness.

Our first set was inspired by cocktail garden parties

Floridians are lucky enough to enjoy in the mild months of the year, while the rest of the country shivers in parkas. I'm a firm believer in the cocktail party. They are intimate and the perfect way to enjoy time with close friends, try new food, and laugh as loud as you want.

The second set was inspired by the late 60's

We wanted to show a modern version of the basement parties my grandparents often and fondly reminisce. From time to time my grandma pulls out the photo albums and I'm told the stories of her wild married days. My grandparents had a group of friends who met on the weekends, put the kids to bed and would sneak down to the basement, play their favorite records, polish off two bottles of scotch and party the week away. All we were missing was the shag rug - but I guess that's where the modern spin comes into play.

Are you ready for The Onli Life?

Set Design and Styling: Jenny Does Weddings | Photography: Lauren Louise Photography | Floral Design: Flower and Fringe | Wardrobe + Jewelry: Kismet Vintage + Jenny Does Weddings | Macarons: Paneterie | Venue: The Jenny Does Weddings Studio | Client: Onli Beverages