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Mollie | Social House Bridal Shower

Our couples and their families' are everything to us. They can make or break our day. Not to sound melodramatic or anything, but this business is incredibly personal and it can be difficult most days to use the word "client" when we would rather use "friend". When we bring on someone as a client we can be a bit apprehensive. We are about to jump into a very personal journey. It is their wedding, it is our day-to-day, and we want to make sure it is a good fit for everyone involved. Mollie and her mom Camille first came to me WAY before I bring on most clients, and I was honest with them about this, but they were adamant. They really wanted to work with me and so I buckled. They were undeniably kind, laid back, and had all the right intentions. They wanted the kind of wedding I wanted, they mentioned my past weddings and how magical they thought each one was, and we clicked immediately. Let me tell you, Mollie, Brett, and Camille have been nothing but incredible and so when they asked me to provide floral details and vintage rentals for Mollie's upcoming bridal shower I was thrilled! Mollie's shower was hosted at Social House, our home away from home, and it was like two families I love coming together for a holiday, or dare I say - like a wedding. 

I hope your bridal shower was everything you wished for and more, Mollie! We cannot wait to see you on your wedding day and celebrate your love right alongside you and your family. Also, we may just steal your mom and never return her. Sorry in advance. 

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