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A Sephora Custom Makeover | Beauty

Makeup terrifies me. I was the girl on dance team begging someone to glue fake eyelashes onto my lids because I was completely inept. Who turned into the girl squirming when one of my friends tried to throw some makeup on my face before going out for the night. Who eventually tried foundation for the first time in college and didn't recognize my perfect looking skin in pictures. Who has now resorted to a Clarisonic, bronzer, and mascara- if I am feeling crazy.


So when it came time to think about the makeup portion of my wedding plans I was a bit lost. Thankfully, my maid of honor LOVES makeup and will be my makeup artist on my wedding day. Problem solved, right? WRONG. I still had no idea what foundation to buy, what the best lipstick color for my skin tone would be, or even what blush wouldn't make me look like a clown. With that in mind, I put my big girl pants on, called Sephora to set up an appointment for a custom makeover, and dragged Lauren (my best friend, photographer, and stand in bridesmaid) to the City Place Sephora in West Palm, promising a big glass of wine afterward.


I had a wonderful makeup artist who made me feel comfortable and asked questions about my current skincare routine (that was a short conversation). Then, she washed my face with some magical product, and went to town. Sephora and Pantone joined forces and created this incredible tool, Color IQ. It is a handheld camera that takes pictures of about 5 different points on your face, allowing the program to perfectly color match your skin tone with a Pantone color. My makeup artist was then able to select the perfect foundation, concealer, and blush.

From there, we chatted about product, she took me through, step-by-step, when to use each product, gave me three lipsticks to choose from, taught me how to contour like Kim K., and put together a bag full of goodies filled with everything I would need to create my perfect wedding look.


Even if you're not getting married, I strongly recommend visiting Sephora and taking advantage of their Custom Makeover service. It is free, all they ask is that you purchase at least $50 worth of product afterwards. Which won't be a problem once you realize everything is perfect and foundation is about $40. The service is offered all day long, all you need is an appointment. I strongly recommend it for engagement pictures, if you're attending a wedding as a guest, or a fun activity to do with your maid of honor as a thank you.


Stila All Day Foundation + Concealer

Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow

Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equalizer Yellow

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion

Marc Jacobs Lipstick

Smashbox Lip Liner

Fake Eyelashes

Sephora Eyeshadow Brushes

Brush Cleaner

Grand Total: $400

Find them all online here!

The Wedding Day

Photo Credit: Lauren Louise Photography