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A Summer Soirée

Summer may be coming to an end, but my love for strawberries, rosé, and freesia will stay strong right through fall, winter, and spring. Florida summers are H O T. But that doesn't mean we can't revel in the fact that it is the best time to escape the heat with a crisp glass of rosé and a buttery cake topped with strawberries. 

Creating a seasonally inspired table design and menu incorporates fresh produce and beautiful flowers, each enjoying their season. I always visit the produce section first before crafting a menu. I look for the items that are organically grown and if they are on sale and look fresh that is normally an indication that there is an abundance of the fruit or vegetable. Strawberries are at their peak during the summer months and pair perfectly with a light rosé.  The bright orange tomatoes were the sweetest little bursts of tomato I ever popped in my mouth. To balance the sweet of the tomatoes I selected a mild but peppery goat cheese. The bright pink freesia danced right in to my basket and joined our summer soirée. 

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Photography | Lauren Louise Photography