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Alex + Cris | Seagate Beach Club


There are some clients I hop on the phone with and by the end of the call I know we’re going to make some wedding magic happen. Alex was definitely one of those brides. I spent the majority of our 45 minute call laughing and feeling like I was talking to one of my life long friends. She’s just a fireball of energy that doesn’t quit. She’s a light and she loves her people with every ounce of her being. Cris looks at her with total wonder struck across his face every single time. He is calm and steady, creating an energetic balance we all hope to find in a partner. Plus, on top of it all they just straight up glow when they are next to one another. The amount of love they share for each other clearly extends right on over into their group of friends and family. They traveled in from New England to celebrate an undeniable love in their favorite city by the sea.

On a personal note, I thought this was going to be one of the last weddings I designed. I had moved to Oregon and I was not fully prepared to restart my business in a new place. The past year and a half had left me feeling burnt out and disenchanted by the wedding industry and the amount of stress and pressure creating something so special put on me as a business owner and person. Alex and Cris’s wedding changed all of that for me. Their excitement, the warm hugs they offered when we met for the first time the day before their wedding in a parking lot, the supportive messages along the way, and the messages of utter and complete joy following the wedding recharged me. I fell in love with weddings and this floral business all over again and for that I’m forever grateful to Alex and Cris. Congrats you two, I can’t wait to visit and drink rose with you on a porch in New England sometime soon!