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Alex + Cris | Seagate Beach Club

Alex is a light and she loves her people with every ounce of her being. Cris looks at her with total wonder struck across his face every single time. He is calm and steady, creating an energetic balance we all hope to find in a partner. This was their magical wedding day.

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Laura + Dino | Miami Beach Woman's Club

My friendship with Laura started when my family moved back to Florida and I was plopped in a tight knit class of 36 kids who had already known each other for 4 years. I was the new girl and a quiet slightly uncomfortable 7 year old. I'm not entirely sure when Laura and I became inseparable but it happened pretty quickly and I just knew she was going to be my best friend to the end.

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Ana + Jack | Jupiter Private Residence

I'll never forget setting up the day of Ana and Jack's wedding. I was sitting in the middle of the grassy lawn, applying aisle markers to their ceremony chairs, soaking in some sun rays and watching as her wedding team buzzed about setting up detail after detail. It was a day full of sweet little moments, team work, and gorgeous views that all ended with a beautiful and intimate party complete with Stella's in the bride and groom's hands on the dance floor. 

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